1. Get all the electrical works done only by licensed electrical contractors.
  2. Use only ISI marked electrical appliances, cables and wires.
  3. Switch off the supply before inserting and removing the plug socket outlets.
  4. Electricity supply for Refrigerator, Wet grinder and other home appliances should be availed through 3 pin plug sockets with earthing provision.
  5. Use "ELCB’the "LIFE SAVER" at the consumer's main supply point.
  6. Replace damaged electrical components like Switches; plug sockets etc. immediately when noticed.
  7. While installing the T.V. antennas:
    (a) Don't install them nearer to the OH electrical lines.
    (b) Don't tie the stay wires of T.V. antenna poles to the structures of electrical installations (eg. service poles, lamp fittings etc.)
    (c) Don't carry the cable T.V. wires nearer to the OH electrical lines.
  8. Provide and maintain earth electrodes to earth the conducting body of electrical appliances.
  9. Install switches; plug sockets etc., at an inaccessible height and away from the approach of children
  10. Periodically test the electrical installation for insulation strength and replace if required.
  11. Avoid using stay wires and electrical fixtures as poles/supports to tie wire/ropes to dry wet clothes.
  12. Do not installs witches inside bathrooms, toilets & other wet places
  13. Do not nail on the wall where concealed PVC conduit wiring are done.
  14. Make sure that extension cords of portable/hand held appliances are free from cuts (breaks) improper insulation, patched-up insulation, kinks or joints.
  15. Do not secure poultries/domestic animals to the electric poles or the stay wires.
  16. Don't use electric poles as support to pandals or displaying advertisement boards.
  17. Don't go near or touch the transformers, pillar boxes, electrical poles, stay wires fencing etc.
  18. If any snapped electricity conductor is noticed, inform the electricity official; don't touch or go near them.
  19. Don't construct buildings near the electricity lines; consult electricity supply officials before planning for such construction.
  20. Don't go near the fencing of electrical transformers / structure yard on streets for nature's call.
  21. Approach Electricity officials to trim the tree branches touching the OH lines.
  22. Make sure that there is easy access to switch off the supply source quickly in case of an emergency.
  23. Switch off electrical appliances when not in use.
  24. Do not use fire extinguisher on electrical equipment unless it is clearly marked for that purpose. Use sand and blanket instead.
  25. Never attempt to extinguish electrical fire with water.
  26. In case of short circuit fault or a fire, switch off the Mains immediately.
  27. Never over-load an electrical point; while replacing electrical gadgets, replace with the same rating.
  28. If there is thunder or lightning, seek shelter immediately.
    (a) Move to a large sturdy building or to metal topped vehicle such as car or bus.
    (b) Do not take shelter under isolated trees or isolated huts, tents, etc.,
  29. Stay away from water or water logged areas.
  30. If no shelter is nearby, find a low spot away from trees, power lines and poles and metal fences.
  31. Do not use electrical appliances and phones during lightning or thunder.
  32. Do not stand near open windows or doors during thunder or lightning.