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An electrical incident is an event resulting from either personnel action or equipment failure involving electrical installations that has the potential to result in an injury due to:

  1. Electrical flash and/or burn,
  2. Electric Shock from a source greater than 50Vac or 100Vdc, or
  3. Reflex action to an electric shock.

Real electric shock may cause anything from a light tingle to a prolonged illness, to sudden death. But it may also merely startle the victim who then loses his balance and is injured by a fall. In accidents not involving a shock, electricity may, or may not, be the cause of a fire. An accident involving electricity may be due to an illegal installation or to an unsafe use or to an improper act by the victim.
An Accident may be due to a superficially correct but negligent installation.

Classification of electrical Accidents

In general electrical accident may be classified as Fatal and non-fatal to human beings, fatal to animals and fire accidents.

Instructions for restoration of persons suffering from electric shock-
  1. Instructions for the restoration of persons suffering from electric shock, shall be affixed by the owner in a conspicuous place in every generating station, enclosed sub-station, enclosed switch-station and in every factory as defined in clause (m) of section 2 of the Factories Act, 1948 (63 of 1948), in which electricity is used and in such other premises where electricity is used as the Inspector may, by notice in writing served on the owner, direct.
  2. Copies of the instructions shall be supplied on demand by an officer or officers appointed by the Central or the State Government in this behalf at a price to be fixed by the Central or the State Government.
  3. The Owner of every generating station, enclosed sub-station, enclosed switch-station and every factory or other premises to which this rule applies, shall ensure that all authorised persons employed by him are acquainted with and are competent to apply the instructions referred to in sub-rule (1).
  4. In every manned high voltage or extra-high voltage generating station, sub-station or switch station, an artificial respirator shall be provided and kept in good working condition.
IER Rule 1956, Rule-44A, Intimation of accident.-

If any accident occurs in connection with the generation, transmission, supply or use of energy in or in connection with, any part of the electric supply lines or other works of any person and the accident results in or is likely to have resulted in loss of human or animal life or any authorised person of the State Electricity DISCOM/Supplier, not below the rank of a Junior Engineer or equivalent shall send to the Inspector a telegraphic report within 24 hours of the knowledge of the occurrence of the fatal accident and a written report in the form set out in Annexure XIII (given below) within 48 hours of the knowledge of occurrence of fatal and all other accidents. Where practicable a telephonic message should also be given to the Inspector immediately after the accident comes to the knowledge of the authorised officer of the State Electricity DISCOM/Supplier or other person concerned.