The Electrical Inspectorate is a statutory body constituted under the provision of erstwhile Indian Electricity Act, 1910. The rules for implementation of various provisions of the Act were formed in 1956 widely known as Indian Electricity Rules, 1956, now as CEA (Measure relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2010. The Electrical Inspectorate is working under the administrative control of the Department of Energy, Government of Bihar.


For the development of the state, electricity infrastructure is an essential and basic need. Careless usage of electricity could cause a terrible accident while wise and conservative use of the same could be an impetus for economic development of the state. The centre of the vision lies in the effective implementation of the Electricity Laws and to provide information pertaining to statutory requirements of the acts and Rules in maintaining the safe distances from live supply lines/terminals/equipment’s etc. in buildings electrical installations and infrastructures within the parameters of safety in the interest of installation as well as in the interest of the public at large in the State.
In this regard, the efforts and participation of the Licensed Electrical Contractors who play a bridge between the statutory requirements and infrastructure of the consumer is also very huge not just from the point of ensuring public safety as a social obligation but largely as a statutory requirement.


The objective of the Electrical Inspectorate is to ensure the safety requirement in electrical installations (Generation, Transmission, Distribution) and Utilisation of electrical power in the state of Bihar are installed and maintained as per the relevant safety Codes and Standards with a specific intention, of minimising the danger to human beings, animal life in particular and damage to the property in general. In as much as the Rules require that the electrical works as aforesaid are to be executed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor, the licensed electrical Contractor is also required to ensure that he employs qualified supervisors and wiremen to execute the said works. It is in these requirements of rule 45 of the I.E. rules Regulation 29 of CEA Regulations, 2010 (Measures relating to safety and Electric Supply). The Government of Bihar has enacted the Act and Rules with regard to the Bihar (Licensing of Electrical Contractors and grant of Certificates and Permits to Electrical Supervisor and Wiremen) Rule 2013, which the Department of Energy administers. Rule 45(1) No electrical installation work, including additions, alterations, repairs and adjustments to existing installations, except such replacement of lamps, fans, fuses, switches, domestic appliances of law voltage domestic appliances and fittings as in no way alters its capacity or character, shall be carried out upon the premises of or on behalf of any 3[consumer, supplier, owner or occupier] for the purpose of supply to such3[consumer, supplier, owner or occupier] except by an electrical contractor licensed in this behalf by the State Government and under the direct supervision of a person holding a certificate of competency and by a person holding a permit issued or recognised by the State Government.


Main Functions of the Electrical Inspectorate under the Central Electricity Act & Rules besides the State Acts & Rules are as follows:

  1. Scrutiny and approval of electrical installation drawings of Generating Stations (DG/TG/Solar Sets) Transmission lines, distribution Systems, EHT/HT installations, Multi Storey Building, lifts & escalators.
  2. Initial inspection for verifying safety standards and grant of permission for commissioning of the above electrical installations and X-ray, Neon sign installations and temporary installations of consumers.
  3. Periodical inspection of the EHT, HT, DGs/TGs, MSB, Lifts & Escalator, installations.
  4. Investigation of electrical accidents and reporting on the same.
  5. Scrutiny, approval of electrical installation drawing and inspection of Cinema as per Bihar Cinema (Regulations) Rules, 1974.
  6. Framing of the rules for licensing of electrical contractors, grants of certificate and permit to electrical supervisor and wireman.

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